May House Photo Archive
May House Restoration

D1 East Wall, 1997

D2 East Wall With Brace

D3 Front Facade, October 1996

D4 Front Facade, Spring 1996

D5 South Wall of Ell, 1995

D6 South Wall of Ell, 1995

D7 Front Facade, Fall 1994

D8 Dining Room Door and Window

D9 Ell Foundation and Wall

D10 Old Studs Uncovered

D11 Walnut Cabinet in Dining Room

D12 North Wall of Dining Room

D13 Cement-Block Wall of Ell

D14 New Ell Nearing Completion

D15 Joe Elswick Laying North Wall

D16 South Wall Nearing Completion

D17 Rebuilding the East Wall

D18 West Wall of Kitchen

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