May House Photo Archive
May House Restoration

C1 Battle of the Bulge No. 1

C2 Tuckpointing South Wall

C3 Battle of the Bulge No. 2

C4 Doorway to Attic

C5 180-Year-Old Soot

C6 Bad Condition of Foundation

C7 Doorway to Porch

C8 Demolition of the Ell

C9 Foundation of Original Ell

C10 Demolition of Bathroom

C11 New Foundation of Ell

C12 Second-Story Floor Beams

C13 East Wall Before Restoration

C14 Hole in Front Facade

C15 Front Facade, 1995

C16 South Side of Ell, 1995

C17 Front Facade, 1995

C18 East Wall , 1995

C19 Front Facade, 1995

C20 Front Facade, 1997

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