`The Weaning House`
This is a photograph of the Bascom May House on May`s Branch. Constructed of hand-hewn poplar logs, it was built in 1871 by Bascom`s father, Samuel May (1820-1904), who inherited the northern half of the original May Farm. Born in 1867, Bascom May was the tenth child of Samuel May and Mary Osborne May. This house was called `The Weaning House.` When Samuel`s sons married and took wives, each was allowed to use the house while saving money to buy his own farm. Bascom May and his wife, Annie Rhoda Mayo May, lived in the house from 1890 until Bascom`s death, sometime during the 1950s, when it became the property of Snow White. Snow White`s widow, Hagar White, still lives in the house today.

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