Leonidas Polk May (1865-1951)
Lee P. May, son of William James May and Cynthia Powers May, was born at the May House on October 4th, 1865. On September 17th, 1890, he married Mary Margaret Ford of Prestonsburg. The couple made their home at the Ford Farm near Lancer. Lee and Maggie raised ten children: Southie, born 1892, Thomas, born 1894, Curtis, born 1896, Josephine, born 1898, Celeste, born 1901, Samuel Marrs, born 1902, Edgar Waits, born 1905, Edward Eugene, born 1908, and Martin Lee, born 1913. Lee served as a deputy sheriff from 1889 to 1894 and as Floyd County Sheriff from 1910 to 1914. He was active in politics throughout his life and served seven years as Prestonsburg`s Chief of Police. (Photo courtesy of E. B. May, Jr.)

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