John May (1821-1908)
This is a photograph of John May (1821-1908), the seventh child of Thomas May and Dorcas Patton May. He was born on Robinson Creek in Pike County on June 3rd, 1821. Although he spent most of his life in Pike County, he moved to Virginia in 1890. John`s wife was Martha Jane Osborn, born Dec. 31, 1826 in Castlewood, Virginia. John spent the first two years of the Civil War in the Virginia State Line, but in 1863 he transferred to Company C of the 7th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A. Company C was composed almost entirely of Pike County men, and John was elected 2nd Lieutenant of the company on July 21, 1864. Sometime after July 29th, 1864, he became Captain of the company. It surrendered at Christiansburg on April 12, 1865.

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