Elijah B. May and J. D. Barney
Taken in 1928 at Elijah May`s Garage on 29th Street in Ashland, Kentucky, this photo shows, from left to right, Stanley Miller, J. D. Barney, and Elijah May. Mr. Barney was a Floyd County coal operator and Elijah`s father-in-law. Elijah had begun his career as General Manager of the Goodin and Barney Coal Mine at Garrett, Kentucky. From there he went to the Armaco Steel Company in Ashland, Kentucky. When things slowed down at Armaco in 1928, he opened this garage. After Elijah moved his family back to Prestonsburg in 1934, he took a position with the Warfield Gas Company and moved his family into the house that had been in his family for generations. (Photo courtesy of E. B. May, Jr.)

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