We, The Little People
Juanelle S. Sewell

McDowell Publications
11129 Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Utica, KY 42378
© 1987

This book is an extensive compilation of descendants of Elizabeth (Betsey) May, daughter of John May (1760-1813) and her husband James W. Little. Many Little descendants shared information - including family records, photos and traditions - that is included in the book.

Research by Julius Little - published in The East Kentuckian quarterly in 1985 - says that James was a son of Isaac Little (1760-1824), who settled before 1810 on Caney Branch of Shelby Creek, near the homestead of the family of John and Sarah May. Genealogists of the Little family are not agreed on the identity of the father of James W. Little.

Fred T. May NOTE: I obtained my copy of the book directly from the author, but don't know if any more are available to the general public. You can contact me if you are interested in getting a copy.

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