Family Bible of

Andrew Jackson Scott

Dorcas O. Marrs


Dorcas was a great-granddaughter of
John & Sarah Phillips May

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A. J. Scott was born Oct 4th 1841
Dorcas O. Marrs was born March 9, 1854

Mary E. Scott was born Oct 21st 1867
Robert Scott was born 23 Nov 1873
Thomas Scott was born June 18th 1879
Infant Son, unnamed, born Oct 7th 1881

A. J. Scott and Dorcas O. Marrs was married the 30th July 1872


Infant Son, unnamed, died Oct 7th 1881

A. J. Scott died July 26, 1890
Age, 48 years, 9 mo. 22 days

Robert Scott died May 25, 1939
Age 65 yrs 7 mos 3 days

Mary E. Bevins died Oct 28, 1944
Age 77 yrs 7 days

Dorcas Marrs Scott died at her home on the
Paris Pike in Clark County, KY and was buried in Pike County.