1998 May Family Reunion
September 11-12-13, 1998
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250 Years for the May (Meÿ) family in America

The following 56 people signed the registration sheet for the reunion, though others attended some of the sessions during the weekend. The total number of guests for the weekend was probably over 70 descendants, spouses and friends.

Attendees by Branch of the May Family

Special guest:
Robert Perry, president of Friends of the Samuel May House Prestonsburg, KY

[0] Samuel May [1783-1851] and Catherine Evans:
No descendants present

[5] Mary (Polly) May [1791-aft 1839] and John Hamilton:
Anthony Adkins - Sandi Adkins - West Liberty, KY
Fay Adkins - West Liberty, KY
Finetta Mullins - Paintsville, KY
Doris Ram? - West Liberty, KY

[31] Thomas May [1787-1867] and Dorcas Patton:
Judith Collins Lexington, KY
Nancy May Lexington, KY
Mary May Carstedt - Bill Carstedt Beverly Shore, IN
Katie G. Sullilvan Lexington, KY
Roberta Daws - Joe Daws Nashville, TN
Fred T. May Austin, TX
Eldon J. May - Ruthie May Belcher, KY
Martha May Powell - James Powell Winchester, KY
David May - Linda May San Antonio, TX
Laura V. Collins Boca Raton, FL
Martin D. May -Felicia May Lexington, KY
Samuel D. Hatcher - Sue Hatcher Pikeville, KY
William James May, Jr. Prestonsburg, KY
Mary Jo LaPointe Lexington, KY
Mary Lynne Sharpe Pigman Prestonsburg, KY
Jack A. May - Carolyn May Mt. Sterling, KY
R. Bingham Robinson - Martha F. Rogers Bingham Lexington, KY
Peggy May Tout - Larry Tout Mt. Sterling, KY
David Hatler Chadwell - Christa Chadwell Louisville, KY
Virginia May Rhoades Evansville, IN

[19] Reuben May [1800-1840] and Sarah (Sally) Allen:
Barbara Sue Sivis Fanning Mt. Sterling, KY
Della Ray May Rawlings Sharpsburg, KY
Libby May Flanery Maytown, KY
Marquita Sivis Otis Paris, KY
Bill Grayson - Laverna Grayson Sharpsburg, KY
Helen May Sivis Mt. Sterling, KY
Charma Grayson Martin - Daniel Scott Martin Mt. Sterling, KY
Ethel May Ratliff Prestonsburg, KY
Katherine Grayson Morris - Joshua C. Morris - Sarah K. Morris Mt. Sterling, KY
Wayne W. Ratliff, Jr. Prestonsburg, KY
Jane Clark Heist - Joe Heist Alexandria, OH
Dorothy Rawlings Sutton Mt. Sterling, KY
Elizabeth Allison May Maytown, KY
Marty May Hicks Prestonsburg, KY