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Kiah Harman May b: 3 Feb 1851 Pike Co., KY d: 14 Dec 1933 Rush Springs, OK, where he is buried Age at death: 82
........ +Mary Ellen (Molly) Deaton b: 20 Sep 1857 Afton, IA m: 11 Jan 1877 Decatur, TX d: 10 Jan 1938 Rush Springs, OK, where she is buried Age at death: 80

Family of Kiah Harman May ~ 1888
Seated: Mary Ellen (Molly) Deaton, Edgar [b.1885], Kiah
Standing: Oscar [b.1880], William [b.1877]

Probably taken in Buffalo Springs, Texas

Kiah's sister, Flowrence C. May, sent a registered letter to him
from Viroqua, WI to Buffalo Springs, TX on Aug 26, 1878.

This confirms that Kiah had moved his family to Texas by 1878.
His obituary suggests he was living in Wise Co, Texas as early as 1871.

His sister, Nancy, moved to Texas by 1876.

Their five children

1. William Henry May b: 27 Nov 1877 Park Springs, TX d: 1965 Oklahoma City, OK, buried in Resthaven Cemetery there Age at death: 88 est.
........ +Effie Eliza Ridley b: 22 May 1881 New Concord, KY m: 8 Feb 1899 Baily, Indian Territory [Grady Co., OK] d: 11 Jun 1951 Age at death: 70

Bill May
probably ~ 1960

Bill was a stockman in the Oklahoma City Yards for 55 years.

He once said in a newspaper interview:
"... that while he was still a youngster that his parents sent him off with two oxen to clear some land. His mother used to bring him food every few days to last him until he returned. On one of those visits his mother picked up his blanket from the hard earth, his bed, only to find a rattler."

2. Oscar Lee May b: 6 Feb 1880 Buffalo Springs, TX d: 26 Jan 1956 Rush Springs, OK, where he is buried Age at death: 75
........ +Lillie E. Kirkpatrick b: 27 May 1883 Diamond, TX m: 11 Jan 1905 Rush Springs, OK d: 4 Apr 1961 Rush Springs, OK, where she is buried Age at death: 77

Oscar & Lilllie

Two of their children


Eldo Ernest May


Most of these photos were provided by
Ginger May Sanders, Eldo's granddaughter.

Jeffie Kileen May
b. 1924

3. Olive May b: 9 Feb 1882 Buffalo Springs, TX d: 16 Feb 1882 Buffalo Springs, TX Age at death: 0

4. Edgar Harman May b: 22 Aug 1885 Buffalo Springs, TX d: 19 Jul 1956 Grady Co., OK Age at death: 70

5. Pearl Alma May b: 9 Mar 1889 Bailey, OK d: 16 Jun 1955 Arkansas, buried at Rush Springs, OK Age at death: 66
........ +Leonard A. Webb b: 27 Sep 1894 m: 4 Apr 1917 Moore, OK

Pearl Alma May ~ 1895