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John May [1821-1908]

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Group photo of the family & descendants of Reuben Thomas May

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Photos courtesy of Eldon J. May & Emilee Clevinger Jones

Family reunion held at home of Reuben Thomas May in 1931
- Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co., KY. -

May relatives identified in three overlapping sections of the group photo by Eldon May.

Standing in back, L>R: Ike Hurt (not related), Riley Coleman (relation not known),
Don May, Charlie May & Matilda Amtman May
Three girls in the middle: Charlene May, Ivory May & Zettie May
Sitting in front: Curtis May & Vivian May

Standing in back, L>R: Lucille Muncy May -holding her baby, Edna- Thomas May,
Della May Billiter, Lonnie Billiter & Martha Clark May
Next row standing: Matilda Amtman May, Edna A. May, Christian (Crit) May &
Dulcie Adkins May
Adults sitting: Reuben Thomas May with Charlie May in his lap,
Joanna Damron May, with Roy Billiter in her lap
Chldren standing on the left: Zettie May & Clyde May
Peering into the camera: Eldon Jesse May

Back row L>R: Henry May, Martha May & (probably her friend)
Middle row: Dave May, Mattie Curnutte May, John Thomas May & Monnie May
Front row: Roberta (Birdie) May, Vatie Marie May, Sylvia Louise May & Lucien Albert May

See chart of relationship of people to Reuben