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John May [1821-1908]

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Four of the eight children of Margaret Elizabeth May
and Simeon Samuel (Sim) Sturgell


CynthiaAnn Sturgell (Powers)

Julia Elizabeth Sturgell (Trent)

Samuel Sturgell

Mattie Sturgell (Dingus)

wife of

Shade Dingus

Roy Lee Sturgill (b. 1913)
 Son of King Solomon Sturgell (1885-1929)
and great-grandson of John May (1821-1908).

Roy wrote many interesting stories about Southwest Virginia

"Nostalgic Narratives and Historical Events of Southwest Virginia"
Roy Sturgill - $20.00

"Crimes, Criminals and Characters of The Cumberlands & Southwest Virginia"
Roy Sturgill - $25.00

They are available from the bookstore of
Wise County [Virginia] Historical Society

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