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William James May [1819-1883]
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John Powers May [1872-1959]

John P. May, E.B. May, Sr., E.B. May, Jr.

Elijah B.May, Sr [1896-1958]

Mary Barney May [1900-1987]

William H. May [1920-2001]

E.B. May, Jr. [1923-2005]

It was the dream of Elijah Brown May, Sr. that someday the brick home built by Samuel May in 1817 would be restored. His grandfather, William James May, resided in the house soon after Samuel sold it to William's father in 1842. Three years after his first wife died in 1848, William married Cynthia Ann Powers. He died in 1883 and she remained in the home with their children, living there until her death in 1907. Elijah's father, John Powers May born in 1872, was the youngest child of the family.

In 1996 William H. May and his brother, E.B. May, Jr. donated the Samuel May House
to the City of Prestonsburg so that it could be restored and become a living history museum.

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Bill served with the 125th AAA Battalion and saw action during the Battle of the Bulge.
E.B. saw action with the Fifth Marine Division at Iwo Jima.

Oil paintng of the Samuel May House in E.B. May, Jr.'s home.

Stanley Miller - J. D. Barney - E. B. May
February 10, 1928

This photograph, taken in Prestonsburg, Kentucky in 1928, is from the files of E. B. May, Jr.,
son of E. B. May and grandson of J. D. Barney, shown in the photo.

E. B. May, Sr at the age of 32.