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** Family of Lee P. & Maggie Ford May **

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Composite family photo

Lee P. May at the age of about 80.

1910 photo of Lee and Maggie Ford May on the Ford farm near Prestonsburg.

George Neele piano class in Prestonsburg ~1906

Girls in front: Josephine May, Inex Cottrell, Douglas Davidson
Girl Behind: Annie Harman

Josephine May married Forest Everette Hurt in Prestonsburg on Oct 5, 1921.
They lived on the Hurt farm at Gulnare on Lower Johns Creek.

Josephine May [1898-1965]

Everette Hurt [1895-1980]

Samuel Marrs May married Frances Elam in Prestonsburg on Dec 20, 1934.
He served in the Navy, attaining the rank of Commander upon retirement.
They had no children.

Center: Frances Elam May, Samuel Marrs May and his aunt Cynthia May Porter
Taken in Washington DC in 1946,when he was stationed there with the Navy.
The others probably are in Aunt C's family

Marrs May is the tall seaman standing third from the right.

Marrs May about 1930


Marrs May about 1940

Edward May [1908-1967]

Opal Spears May [1909-1994]

Ed & Opel married in Floyd County, KY on Feb 12, 1933

Wedding photo of Martin Lee May and Douglas Ann Hopson
Married Feb 15, 1934