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Composite family photo

Aunt Mag Ford Marrs, Josephine May, Martin Lee May, Southie May Lauhon,
Child?, man in suit possibly Charles Lauhon, Thomas Lauhon.

This photo is assumed to have been taken about 1916 when Martin Lee was three years old.
Southie's son, Thomas Burton Lauhon, was born Sep 7, 1917. If he is the child on the hood of the car it was taken in 1918, when Martin Lee was five.

Southie May, George Roberts,Judith Lackey (Lack) Davidson
Taken on the Ford farm.
Southie and Lack were first cousins.

George Roberts, Lack Davidson, Southie May

Lucy Ford Powers and her niece, Southie May
Photo taken behind the Elizabeth Hotel, operated by Lucy's husband, Ollie Powers,
on Front Street in Prestonsburg.

1903 school class with some May & Davidson first cousins:

1st Row sitting:                                     Alex Davidson is in the center
                                                            b. 1893
2nd Row:
            Willie Davidson, Tom May, Curtis May ........................ Jim Davidson............................
             b 1897                b. 1894    b. 1896                          b. 1895