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8. Leonidas Polk May b: 4 Oct 1865 May farm, north of Prestonsburg, KY d: 3 Jun 1951 Prestonsburg, KY at his home at 41 First Ave., buried in May Cemetery Age at death: 85

...... +Mary Margaret (Maggie) Ford b: 27 Jul 1870 Prestonsburg, KY m: 17 Sep 1890 Prestonsburg, KY, at her father's home by Rev. A. J. Harman d: 27 May 1914 Ford farm south of Prestonsburg, buried in May Cemetery. Age at death: 43

Farm south of Prestonsburg owned by Maggie's father, Edward Ford.

Sometime before 1908, possibly as early as 1906, Lee moved his family to the farm Maggie's father purchased from John Mayo in 1904. The large two-story frame home near the riverbank on the "Ford farm" suited the May family very well. Southie, Tommie, Curtis and Josephine stayed at the Ford hotel with their grandparents during the week, when attending school in Prestonsburg. Lee was Sheriff of Floyd County from 1910 to 1914. Maggie died on the farm in 1914 and about 1924 Lee moved back to town.

May Cemetery in Prestonsburg, KY

Gravestone of Lee P. May [1865-1951]

Gravestone of Maggie Ford May

Family traditions tell us that Lee and Maggie's infant daughter, Celeste, was buried in the May Cemetery in the fenced family plot where they were later buried. Others in that plot are Maggies aunt, Margaret Ford Marrs, and her husband, Samuel R. Marrs.

Family photo in the fall of 1913

This photo - taken at the Ford farm where Lee was living at the time - was preserved by Josephine May Hurt. She is the young woman on the right of this group of cousins in the side yard of the May home. In the window is Lee P. May holding his infant son Martin Lee May. Lee's wife, Maggie, died in her bedroom in this farmhouse on May 27, 1914.

The two boys in front are Ed May - with no hat - and Waits May. From left to right in the back are Southie May, Meda Ford, Mary Elizabeth Powers, Samuel Marrs May, Douglas Davidson and Josephine May.

Photo of relatives on the Ford farm where Lee & Maggie lived ~ 1918

Back row: Maggie Ford Marrs, Annie May (Richmond), Dave Richmond, Samuel Marrs May,
Josephine Davidson, Thomas James May, Carol Patrick (May), Thomas Burton Lauhon,
Southie May (Lauhon), Josephine May, Ruth Salisbury (May), Curtis May,
Middle row: Waits May, Virginia Davidson, Mary Richmond,
Fount row: Inez May Richmond, Martin Lee May

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