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William James May [1819-1883]

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Family of Beverly Clarke & Annie Laurie Auxier May
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Beverly Clarke May

Annie Laurie Auxier May

Three of their five children

Nellie Beatrice (Tress) May
b. 23 Sep 1896   d. aft. 1985

William James May
b. 24 Feb 1891    d. 27 Jul 1978


Anna Laura May
b. 29 Jun 1909   d. aft. 1985

May family group about 1935
Descendants of brothers, Samuel and William James May,
who lived on property once owned by their uncle, Samuel May (1783-1851).

Taken at Bascom May`s house on May`s Branch in Prestonsburg, KY.

Seated: Four children of Samuel May (1820-1904)
Bascom May, Martha May Greenwade, Florence May Hereford, David May,

5. Ida May Shropshire, daughter of David May

Descendants - and spouses - of William James May (1819-1883)
6. Tress May Francis 7. Gordon Francis 8. William James May
9. Mary R. May 10. Annie Mayo May 11. Annie Auxier May and 12. Anna Laura May.