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1 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sarah May b: 29 Sep 1854 May farm at Prestonsburg d: 5 Nov 1943 Seattle, WA, buried in Evergreen Memorial Part, north of the city

.. +Alexander Hamilton (Ham) Rice b: 6 May 1857 Riceville, Johnson Co., Ky. m: 10 May 1882 Prestonsburg, KY, in her father's home d: 12 Dec 1938 Seattle, WA, buried in Evergreen Memorial Part, north of the city

Tress May Francis corresponded with her Aunt Lizzie and visited with her family in Seattle, WA in September 1930. The following is summarized from her book on the May family.

Elizabeth Sarah May was educated in the public school at Prestonsburg and was a teacher for one year in the district school at Riceville, KY, the hometown of Alexander Hamilton Rice. After their marriage in 1882 they resided at Riceville until March 1899, when they moved to Boyd Co., KY near Ashland. In 1908 they moved to Enid, OK, where they lived for five years. In 1913 they moved to Seattle, WA, where they lived the remaining years of their lives. In 1932 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in their home in Seattle. The obituary of her death in the Floyd County Times stated that she died in her home in Spokane, WA.

** The family of Alexander & Elizabeth May Rice ~ 1911 **
Probably taken in Enid, Oklahoma

Back row L-R: Laura Rice; Martha Rice; William Rice; John Rice; May Rice.
Front row L-R: William Rice's wife [Carrie Rowe]; their child, William Rowe Rice;
Lizzie May Rice; Alexander Rice; John Rice's wife; May Rice.

Notation on reverse side of the photo
The child's name isn't listed

Photos from the records of Lizzie's sister, Laura May Davidson, and Laura's daughters.
Courtesy of Judy Collins McCormick.

Family notes:

  • I have dated the photo at about 1911, when the family lived in Enid, OK. The child in the photo isn't identified in the note on the back, but he is being held by the wife of William Rice and in 1911 there was only one grandchild in the family, William Rowe Rice [1910-1925], who was born in Enid.

  • The woman in the front row identified as "John Rice's wife" hasn't been named in my famile records. In 1911 John Rice was 20 years old and the only marriage we have on record for his is to Clara Garrison in 1914 in Seattle, WA, where the family moved in 1913. Perhaps John first married in Oklahoma and his wife died soon afterward. John and Clara had their first child in 1920.

Children of Alexander Hamilton Rice & Eliazbeth Sarah May

1. William Jackson Rice b: 21 Jul 1883 Riceville, Johnson Co., KY d: 17 Apr 1950 Seattle, WA, buried in Evergreen Memorial Park

...... +Carrie Rowe b: 10 Jul 1881 m: 18 Jun 1907 Centertown, Ky. d: 8 Jul 1937 Bellingham, WA

. *2nd Wife of William Jackson Rice:

...... +Pauline Shelley b: Kingsley, OR m: 23 Jul 1938

William Jackson Rice

2. Laura Belle Rice b: 26 Feb 1885 Riceville, Johnson Co., KY d: 22 Jul 1936 Seattle, WA. buried in Evergreen Memorial Park

...... +Edwin R. Winship b: 12 Jul 1880 Kolchester, IL m: 29 Aug 1923 Seattle, WA

Laura Belle Rice

3. Cynthia Ann Rice b: 27 Jul 1887 Riceville, Johnson Co., KY

4. Martha Emily Rice b: 16 May 1889 Riceville, Johnson Co., KY d: 28 Dec 1956 Seattle, WA, buried in Evergreen Memorial Park

...... +James I. Crump b: 13 Mar 1885 Golden Pond, KY m: 23 Dec 1913 Seattle, WA d: 27 Jul 1945 Seattle, WA, buried in Evergreen Memorial Park

5. John Hamilton Rice b: 24 Oct 1891

...... +Clara L. Garrison b: 11 Sep 1887 Mendota Co., VA m: 21 Nov 1914 Seattle, WA

Thought to be ane of the two sons of John Rice
who served in the U.S. Military in WWII
Either John Hamilton Rice, Jr [b, 1920] or Jerry Rice [b. 1925]

6. Mary May Rice b: 21 Dec 1893 Riceville, Johnson Co., KY

...... +Bengt Antonius Wickstrom b: 4 Sep 1885 Skellefteo, Sweden