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Thomas Patton May [1816-1910]

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Children of Nancy Miriam May Ford

6. Nancy Miriam May b: 23 Oct 1854 Johns Cr., Pike Co., KY d: 27 Apr 1889 Johns Cr., Pike Co., KY; buried in the May Cemetery there Age at death: 34

...... +Thomas Jefferson Ford b: 1852 Prestonsburg, KY m: 31 Dec 1874 Johns Cr., Pike Co. Ky.; at her father's home d: 28 Feb 1939 Johns Cr., Pike Co., KY; buried at Meta, KY Age at death: 87 est.

Nancy Miriam May & Thomas Jefferson Ford

Children & grandchildren of Nancy & T.J. Ford

Photos from the files of Patricia Craft Prendergast

Dr. Nicodemus William Boyd Craft & Birdie Lynn May

Dr. Craft and his wife died at Meta, KY in Pike County in November 1918 while caring for his patients during the influenza epidemic that spread throughout the world that year. Their four orphaned children were reared by Birdie's sister, Louisa Margery Ford Marrs. Louisa's husband, Robert Lee Marrs died in December 1919.

An old trunk of Louisa's came into the possession of Charles and Patricia Craft Prendergast, genealogists of the family in Houston, TX. It contained many family letters and picture post cards of Pike County dating from the 1880s.

Birdie Lynn Ford ~1895




Louisa Margery Ford Marrs,
sister of Birdie Lynn



Birdie Lynn Ford Craft
& son,
Dwight Moody Craft

Dwight Moody Craft ~1935

Dwight appeared in twelve Hollywood films between 1934 and 1936 using the stage name of 'Chris Craft.' His first movie was The Cowboy Millionaire starring George O'Brian. Dwight played the second lead in Thunder Mountain and Hardrock Harrigan, a mining story.