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Thomas Patton May [1816-1910]

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Family of Cynthia May
first daughter of Thomas Patton May

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posted by a great-great-grandson Randy Jordon

9 Cynthia May b: 5 Jul 1843 Johns Creek, KY d: 17 Jan 1933 Pikeville, KY, where she is buried. Age at death: 89
.... +Ulysses Kinley Williams b: 22 May 1851 May Farm near Yeager, Pike Co, KY m: 5 Mar 1879 Johns Creek, Pike Co., KY d: 9 Nov 1934 Kentucky Age at death: 83

Photos of Cynthia's descendants courtesy of Randy Jordon.

U.K. Williams and Cynthia, probably in their back yard in Pikeville.

U. K. Williams' store in Pikeville, KY. apparently decorated for a Fourth of July celebration in 1912.
Along the top between the years is written "U.K. Williams & Son".

Four generations: Cynthia May (Williams), Sarah Leslie Williams (Justice),
Pansy Justice (Miller) & child, Margaret Jean Miller (Jordon).

. 10 Anthony Ronald Williams b: 9 Feb 1881 May Farm near Yeager, Pike Co, KY d: 26 Mar 1918 Pikeville, Ky., of influenza Age at death: 37
........ +Fanny Runyon b: 29 Nov 1881 m: 18 Mar 1903 Pike Co., KY

..... 11 Esther May Williams b: 14 Mar 1907 Pikeville, Ky.
........... +Murray C. Taylor b: 2 Jan 1900 m: 27 May 1927 Pike Co., Ky.

. 10 Ira May Williams b: 21 Sep 1882 Little Cr., Pike Co., KY d: 20 Sep 1932 Pikeville, KY Age at death: 49
........ +Anna Epsey

. 10 Sarah Leslie Williams b: 11 Jun 1884
........ +John Flemon Justice b: 20 Apr 1871 Sutton, Pike Co., KY m: 19 Feb 1902 Pike Co., KY, in her father's home on College Street by Rev. James Record d: 28 Nov 1951 Colorado Springs, CO at Memorial Hospital of a stroke Age at death: 80

Sarah Leslie Williams Justice

John Flemon Justice

Sarah and John Justice with their 4 children, from the left, Irene, Jack, Pansy and May.

Justice children: May, Jack, Irene & Pansy.

Moving out west from Kentucky to Wenatchee, Washington.
 From left, Pansy Justice Miller, Sarah Leslie Williams Justice, and Cynthia May Williams.

John F. Justice, 1st from the left, and his wife, Sarah Leslie Williams, 4th from the left,
in Wenatchee, Washington with their apple orchard crew.

..... 11 Pansy Justice b: 18 Oct 1903 Pikeville, KY on Second Street d: 22 Mar 1971 Waterville, Douglas Co., WA, buried in Waterville Cemetery Age at death: 67
........... +Anderson Lee Miller b: 6 Sep 1899 Martha, Lawrence Co., KY m: 7 Jan 1922 Pikeville, Pike Co., KY by Dr. Record d: 17 Dec 1979 Winatchee, Chelan Co., WA, following a stroke, buried at Waterville Cemetery in Douglas Co., WA Age at death: 80

Pansy Justice (Miller) - age 18



A. L. Miller and daughter, Margaret Jean;
taken about 1924.

..... 11 Cynthia May Justice b: 18 Jun 1905 Pikeville, Pike Co., KY on Main Street d: Abt. 1985 Spokane, WA Age at death: 80 est.

..... 11 John Francis Justice, Jr. b: 15 Sep 1906 Edgewater, near Hellier, Pike Co., KY
........... +Frances Quillen b: 9 Sep 1906 Ashland, Ky. m: 16 Jan 1924 Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH

..... 11 Irene Justice b: 21 Sep 1908 Hellier, Pike Co., KY d: 14 Sep 1914 Jenkins, Letcher Co., KY, from an injury involving a horse Age at death: 5

..... 11 Ira Mason Justice b: 31 Aug 1915 Pikeville, KY
........... +Violet Manague m: 1935 New Mexico

. 10 Dollie Williams b: 28 May 1888 Pike Co. KY d: 28 May 1888 Pike Co. KY Age at death: 0