May Family Photos
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The family and descendants of
Samuel May [1783-1851]
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Elizabeth May [1811-1891]

Children of her daughter, Rachel R. Hill,
 & Robert Montgomery Campbell

Farm & Family of
Elliott Addison Campbell & Sarah Minerva Smoot

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Wheat harvest using a steam thresher on the E.A. Campbell farm north of Breckinridge, OK in 1915

Ten sons of E. A. & Sadie Campbell ~ 1915
Elliott had plenty of help on his farm with so many children.

Back row L-R: Robert Richard Campbell b. 1881, Stacy Lee Campbell b. 1889, Wilbur Everett Campbell b. 1895, John Monroe Campbell b. 1887, George Albert Campbell b. 1885.

Front row L-R: Charlie Faubian Campbell b. 1893, Lloyd Raymond Campbell b. 1907, Kenneth Campbell b. 1904, Montgomery Campbell b. 1901, Arthur James Campbell b. 1897.

Seven of the Campbell sons at a family picnic, with their father on the right.

Family of E. A Campbell and Sadie Smoot - 1935

Top Row: George, John Monroe, Montgomery, Wilber, Charley, Arthur, Stacy

 Bottom Row: Lloyd, Kenneth, Elsie, Elliott (father), Sadie (mother), Rachel, Robert

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