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The family and descendants of
Samuel May [1783-1851]
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Children of

Col. Andrew Jackson (Jack) May [1829-1903]
& Mary Matilda Davidson

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.3. Mary Catherine (Mayme) May b: 1859 West Liberty, Morgan Co., KY
...... +Joseph Vincent Kelly b: 12 Sep 1863 Brandon, Tazewell, VA m: 26 Dec 1884 Tazewell, VA d: 3 Jul 1910 Minneapolis, MN
......4 Josephine May Kelly b: 1885 Virginia
...... +Joseph Alexander Noblin b: 1880 Virginia m: 12 Oct 1912 Roanoke, Va.
..... 4 Byrd Kelly b: 1888 Virginia

*2nd Husband of Mary Catherine May:
.. +Hamilton Wade Steele b: 4 Mar 1861 Steelesburg, VA m: 2 Oct 1896 Tazewell, VA at her home, "The Heritage," by Rev. Isaac P. Martin, pastor of Maine Street Methodist Church
..... 4 Mary Louise Steele b: 15 Oct 1905 Brooke Farm near Abingdon, VA
...... +Howard Shaeffer Avery m: 5 Sep 1931 Roanoke, VA

Photos courtesy of Byrd Kelly Avery Lochtie in 2008
Daughter of Mary Louise Steele Avery & granddaughter of Mary Catherine May Steele

Mary Catherine (Mayme) May Steele

Four generations ca. 1941
Mary Catherine May, Josephine Elizabeth Noblin Porter,
Andrew Porter, held by his grandmother, Josephine Kelly Noblin


     ~                                ~1890                         Byrd Kelly                                 ~1910

                Josephine Kelly Noblin - early 1900s                 Mary Louise Steele Avery    ~1929

5. Byrd May b: 1862 West Liberty, Morgan Co., KY d: 1896 Tazewell, Va., buried there in Jeffersonville Cemetery.  
...... +Rees Cecil Chapman b: 14 Feb 1860 m: 28 Jan 1894 West Liberty, Ky. d: 12 Dec 1930 Tazewell, Va., buried there in Jeffersonville Cemetery.

Byrd May Chapman

Photo courtesy of Byrd Steel Avery Lochtie in 2008