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Descendants of Hans Peter Meÿ
Generations:  One - Twelve

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This is a series of descendant trees of twelve generations dating from the German progenitor of our May family in America, Hans Peter Meÿ.

In order to make the reports easier to understand and to allow descendants to select their respective family lines, the trees are broken into a series of pages from selected ancestors. To facilitate access to these pages, a navigation aid is available in the red frame that appears above all tree pages. If you would like to see if a specific person is in the family tree of Hans Peter Meÿ, check the listing index.

The information in these trees is taken from a data base I have compiled over a period of many years - and continue to update. The initial posting of these trees is being done in November 2000, as noted at the top of the first page of each tree. Any update of a tree will be noted on the first page of that tree.

In many cases I have more information than shown in these trees, which contain only the date and location of a birth, death and marriage. Anyone interested in knowing what additional information I have on specific branches of the tree - or wanting to contribute corrections or additions - can contact me.

Fred T. May

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