May Family Photos
First Posted: May 2004

Johann Daniel May [1756-abt.1820

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 Son: Daniel May, Jr. [1794-1878]
m. Rachel Miller [1792-1854]


Gravestones of Daniel May, Jr. and Rachel

Milligan's Cove Chirstian Church Cemetery
Bedford, PA


Son: Leonard [1795-1889]
m. Maria Catherine Younkin [1798-1892]
Photos courtesy of Susan Zeek Reighard of the 13th May generation



Grandson: Silas May [1850-1944]
and his wife
Anna Elizabeth Sheirer [1853-1939]
in 1930s


Family of Great-grandson: George Washington May [1880-1957]
Son of Silas & Elizabeth May
Wash, Grace, George Leonard, Blanche, Maurice and wife, Alice Blake May.
About 1910


Alice and Wash