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Posted: November 2000

Descendants of Hans Peter Meÿ
Anna Maria May [1750-    ]
Generations:  Seven - Twelve
Daughter of Leonard May [1719-1777]

Anna Maria May was the first child born to the immigrant May family after their arrival in America in 1748. A marriage of Anna Maria to John Patrick Lydick was reported to me in March 2000 by a Lydick descendant, Jim Learn. He was my source for the following tree. Other sources for the Lydick family are being contacted to see if we can prove this is Anna Maria May, daughter of Johann Leonhardt Meÿ. My last record of her was when she completed her catechumens in the First Reformed Church in Lancaster, PA in 1766.

Descendants of John Lydick and his wife, Anna Maria (Mary) May, are posted on the internet. The date of their marriage is said to be about 1766 in York Co., PA and their first child was born in 1767. John's given name was Johannes and he most likely didn't have a middle name.

I won't add names from the Lydick source to the following listing until there are some assurance we have found "our" Anna Maria May.

7 Anna Maria MAY b: 9 Jan 1750 Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, baptized 21 Jan 1750 in Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA

None of the following information has been proven to be "our" Anna Maria's family
d: 1810 Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co. PA
-- +John (Johannes) LYDICK b: 19 Apr 1739 Dutchess Co., NY d: 10 Aug 1803 Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co. PA
-- 8 John LYDICK b: 30 Nov 1770 Littlestown, York, Co., Pa d: 11 Mar 1846 Rayne Twp., Indiana Co., Pa
------ +Penina RICE b: 1777 Lancaster Co., Pa d: 6 Jul 1826 Indiana Co., Pa
------ 9 Joseph LYDICK b: 26 Feb 1813 Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co. Pa d: 23 Mar 1881 Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co. Pa
---------- +Jane LOCKHART b: 1814 Indiana Co., Pa d: Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co. Pa
----------- 10 Permilia Jane LYDICK b: 1849 East Mahoning Twp., Indiana, Co., Pa d: Indiana Co., Pa
--------------- +William T. LEWIS b: 22 Jul 1839 East Mahoning Twp., Indiana, Co., Pa d: 16 Apr 1908 Indiana Co., Pa
--------------- 11 Cecelia Claire LEWIS b: 24 Sep 1870 East Mahoning Twp., Indiana, Co., Pa d: 25 Jan 1937 Commadore, Indiana, Co. Pa
------------------- +Oakley E. LEARN b: 7 Oct 1870 Green Twp., Indiana, Co., Pa d: 30 Apr 1948 Commadore, Indiana, Co. Pa
-------------------- 12 Lewis LEARN b: 25 Mar 1894 Cookport, Indiana, Co., Pa d: 4 Jul 1973 Akron, Summit Co., Oh
------------------------ +Clara B. WEAVER b: 17 Jan 1895 Indiana Co., Pa d: 22 May 1988 Akron, Summit Co., Oh

  2000 Fred T. May