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Posted: April 2001

Descendants of Hans Peter Meÿ
John May Hamilton [1827-1864]
Generation:  Nine - Ten
Son of Mary [abt 1797-abt 1868]
Grandson of John May [1760-1813]

9 John May HAMILTON b: 1827 Morgan Co., KY d: 14 Jul 1864 Bloomfield, Nelson Co., KY - executed by firing squad, without a trial, by order of Gen. Stephen Gano Burbridge of the Union Army, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery
.... +Elizabeth HARGIS m: 1856
10 Nancy J. HAMILTON b: 13 Nov 1857
10 Cynthia Jane HAMILTON b: 10 Dec 1858 Paint, Morgan Co., KY
10 Franklin Pierce HAMILTON

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