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Posted: November 2000

Descendants of Hans Peter Meÿ
Rebecca May [1816-1878]
Generation:  Nine
Daughter of John May, Jr. [1781-1849]
Granddaughter of John May [1760-1813]

The place of Rebecca's birth is not confirmed since it appears that her parents moved to Floyd County in 1816 or 17 and the exact date of her birth isn't known. At the age of fifteen she was afflicted with measles and became totally blind. In 1847 her brothers took her along with them when they went on their overland journey to Oregon. She died in the home of her brother Jeptha in 1878.

9 Rebecca MAY b: Abt. 1816 Estill or Floyd Co., Ky d: 1878 Oregon City, Oregon, buried in Graham Cemetery with a boulder as her marker

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