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Posted: November 2000

Descendants of Hans Peter Meÿ
Johann Daniel Meÿ [1722-1777]
Generation:  Six
Son of Johann Nickel Mey [1673-1743]

Daniel, one of the three immigrant brothers, never had any children. He and his wife, Anna Maria, were godparents to eighteen children in the Lutheran and Reformed Churhes of Lancaster County, PA from 1751 to 1761.

6 Johann Daniel MEY b: 17 Jun 1722 Niederhausen, Pfalz, Germany d: Abt. 31 May 1777 Martinsburg, Va. (WV)
+Anna Maria (MULLER?) b: Abt. 1725 d: Abt. 1783 Martinsburg, VA. (WV) m: Bef. 1750 (Probably) Lancaster Co., PA.

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