Attendees at Family Reunion of 1929
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Home towns listed for the attendees are:

Nicholasville, Ky.:
Mr. & Mrs. David May
Mr. & Mrs. E. L. May
Mr. & Mrs. Craig May
Leslie & Margaret May

Wilmore, Ky.:
Mr. & Mrs. Frank May
Miss Alice May
Miss Virginia May
Miss Mary Nell May
Garland May

Cynthiana, Ky.:
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Shropshire
Russell Shropshire
Mr. & Mrs. Earl May
Ernest May
Earl May, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Allen
Frank Allen
Mattie Allen
Kertley McDaniel

Winchester, Ohio:
Mr. & Mrs. O. V. Green
Miss Dorothy Green
Miss Katherine Green
Miss June Green

Winchester, Ky.:
Mrs. Mattie Greenwade
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Cannoy
Mr. & Mrs. B. C. Taylor
Anna Boswell Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Taylor
Mrs. Dorcas Scott
Tom Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Tom May
Woodrow & Grace May
Mr. & Mrs J. J. Stratton
Willard May

Prestonsburg, Ky.:
Mr. & Mrs. William Greenwade
Woodrow Greenwade
D. Mark Hager
Mrs. Florence Hereford
Mr. & Mrs. Bascom May

Pikeville, Ky.:
John Hager
Omer Washington
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Shurtleff

Georgetown, Ky.:
Mr. & Mrs. Irvine Elter

Richmond, Ky.:
Mr. & Mrs. Jean May

Barbourville, W. Va.:
Mr. & Mrs. G. N. Adkins

Middletown, Ohio:
John Prather
Reed Prather
Burt Cannoy

Mt. Sterling, Ky.:
Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson
Miss Gladys Robinson
Miss Mildred Robinson
Ralph Robinson
Bingham Robinson
Dr. & Mrs. W. B. Robinson
Dorothy Robinson

Mrs. Dora Mc Cormick
Mrs. Betty Bentley
Mrs. Mary D. Vice
Miss Mabel Blevins
Earl Cannon
Clyde Cannon

"As the shades of evening gathered they bade each other goodbye, realizing that they would never again all meet together this side of Eternity."